Campiglia Marittima



The residence lies on one of the last outcrops of the Colline Metalliferi – the mineral bearing hills – that reach down to the sea and girdle the area of the Maremma.

The variegated history of the region goes far back to before Etruscan times and alternates moments of great wealth with others of dire poverty. All of this has left a fascinating imprint on today’s landscape.

A little over ten miles away, the Etruscan Populonia lies atop a hill above the sea. Once a powerful city – the first in Etruria to mint coinage in gold – it is now a picturesque little village with an almost perfectly preserved, imposing medieval fortress.

Up on the hill the remains of the ancient city have been laid bare, whilst the fascinating necropolis lies in the valley below, clustered around the gulf of Baratti, a beautiful beach and pinewood, truly a paradise for those who love uncontaminated nature. All of this is now part of the Val di Cornia Parks, with which the residence has an agreement allowing discounts for visitors.

Another park that is part of the system includes the abandoned mediaeval mining village of San Silvestro, the entrance being just a few hundred yards from our front door.

A third covers the unspoilt coastal dunes and beaches of La Sterpaia, some fifteen miles to the south.
There are many other interesting excursions to be made in the locality, including the warm water springs of Caldana and the Calidario, some three miles away in Venturina, and the ancient villages of Suvereto and Sassetta, lying a little inland from the coast.

Farther afield, the art cities of Massa Marittima, Siena, Volterra, San Gimignano and Pisa are within easy reach of the residence.
Piombino, the port for the island of Elba, is less than half an hour by car, offering the possibility to visit this delightful island.

Lovers of food and drink will find there is nothing wanting in the area. The hills themselves are covered with olive groves and vineyards, whilst the higher land – forest and scrub – is home to much of the game that forms such an important part of the local menu. In the valley the land is very fertile, each season offering a different crop to delight in.

The Tyrrhenian sea, just a few miles away, yields fish in abundance and there are many local restaurants offering a huge variety of seafood on their menus.

A handful of miles away to the north, the village of Bolgheri is renowned worldwide for its excellent wines, and those of Suvereto and the Val di Cornia itself are not far behind. All in all, this part of Tuscany, the northern part of the Maremma, has something to offer to each and every one of its visitors.






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